Centre for Public History started in 2018 a scientific project – Mapping The Holocaust – The Topovske Šupe Camp, serving as the framework for presenting the digitized history of the Topovske šupe camp to the public.  The project team plans to implement an historiographic investigation of this camp before, during, and after World War II in order to safeguard the memory of this camp as well as of its victims.  The results of the project will be presented online in the form of a web platform and thus it will be accessible to the public at large in both the Serbian and English languages.  This will make it possible for all the historiographic and other data on the Topovske šupe and its victims to be collected, systematized, and digitized in order to be presented to the public in web form for the first time.

Research and the project results will be available on the website http://topovskesupe.rs/

During the period between August and November 1941, the camp for Jewish and Roma people was known as the Topovske šupe camp and was located close to the center of Belgrade.  The buildings that housed the prisoners were part of the large “Kraljević Andrej” Military Barracks Complex for the Army of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.   The first to be interned in the camp were Jewish males from the area of Banat who, with their families, were forced to flee to Belgrade by Germans nationals living in Banat (called volkdeutschers); after that all Jewish males from Belgrade were interned, and finally Roma males from Belgrade. Except  for some rare cases, they were all murdered in the massive shootings that took place in the Autumn of 1941 mainly in the killing field in the town of Jabuka near Pančevo.  According to available estimations, about 5,000 Jews and 1,500 Roma were victims.

The Topovske šupe camp was one of the first such camps for Jews and Roma in occupied Europe.  It was located in a densely urban part of Belgrade and openly witnessed by the public – by those who lived in that section of Belgrade.  Today, the location of Topovske šupe has been forgotten, abandoned, and is unknown to the population.  The location itself is now being threatened by destruction because of the announcement of a plan to construct a shopping mall on that site.  A commemorative plaque was placed in the proximity of the camp by the Federation of Jewish Communities in Serbia.  Unfortunately, the plaque was stolen and has not yet been recovered.

The Project is supported by the Federation of Jewish Communities in Serbia.