The Centre for Public History specialises in mapping historical locations and killing sites using digital mapping as a method to present historical content. Through digital mapping of historical sites, CPH organises online educational platforms for the general public in which it publishes digitalised archival documents, interactive maps and historical events timelines, audio and video files, photographs, as well as other relevant digital media.

Killing Sites-the First Stage of the Holocaust in Serbia and Croatia

Mapping locations of the places of mass shooting of the Jews in Serbia and Croatia in the early stage of the Holocaust. The history researcher on this project, Milovan Pisarri, carried out field and archive research of these locations in Serbia, and discovered two previously unknown locations – Bubanj Potok and Rakovica.

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The project was implemented by the Union of Jewish Municipalities of Serbia, the University of Rijeka Department for Cultural Studies and CHRE.


The Liberation of Belgrade

On the occasion of the commemoration of the seventieth anniversary of the liberation of Belgrade (20 October 1944), a map was developed with the key directions of movement of Yugoslav People’s Liberation Army and the Red Army units. It was based on the 1944 map of Belgrade and the data were taken from Milan Radanović’s book Oslobođenje. Beograd 1944. (Liberation, Belgrade 1944), Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung, Belgrade 2014.

The authors of the map are Milovan Pisarri and Đorđe Balmazović (Škart).