The Centre for Public History is a civic association founded in 2018 with the aim of:

  • promoting the application of history in the service of society, in order to develop critical thinking about the course of history and key issues related to understanding the present;
  • empowering the development of a culture of peace and a society based on solidarity, responsibility and equality, starting from the civil interpretation of historical experiences;
  • developing educational practices to address current issues in the society and reflect about the world, using a multidisciplinary approach and historiography’s methodological and theoretical tools;
  • fighting against historical revisionism and the rehabilitation of war criminals, Nazi and fascist collaborators and for preserving the culture of remembrance through commemorative practices and marking the killing sites.

In order to achieve these goals, the Centre for Public History:

  • carries out historical research, publishes research publications, organises expert meetings, collects oral testimonies;
  • uses digital media for historical analyses and presentations of historical research to the general public, thereby promoting digital history as a method of bringing the historical contents closer to everyone, especially in the field of digital mapping;
  • organises public guided tours and study visits to historic sites, as well as special multi-day historical tours in the spirit of responsible tourism;
  • prepares, in cooperation with other organisations and individuals, theatre performances, exhibitions and films and uses other cultural and artistic media to present historical content;
  • participates in public debates and the creation of media content;
  • holds professional seminars and workshops for teaching staff, students, activists and the general public;
  • supports the networking of organisations and individuals as a form of solidarity in Serbia, in the region and in Europe.

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