The Center for Public History is organizing a press conference at the Media Center (Mala sala, Terazije No.3) on October 28. 2019, starting at 10.00 am, to present an initiative to preserve the former Topovske Šupe camp, as part of the project “Mapping the Holocaust – Preservation of the Topovske šupe camp”.

Speakers of the conference: Milovan Pisarri, historian and director of the Center for Public History, Brana Popovic, representative of the Jewish Community of Belgrade, and Zlatomir Jovanovic, representative of the National Council of the Roma National Minority. The conference will be moderated by journalist Gordana Nesovic.

The project is led by a team from the Center for Public History, in collaboration with partners from Germany – Culture and more, and is supported by the International Alliance for Holocaust Remembrance, the Claims Conference and the Federation of Jewish Communities of Serbia.