Mapping the Holocaust – Preservation of the Topovske šupe camp

The Topovske šupe camp was one of the first camps for Jews and Roma in Europe. From August to November 1941, according to the available estimates, about 5,000 male Jews and 1,500 male Roma passed through it only to be killed in the killing sites around Belgrade. Today, site of the former Topovske Šupe camp is abandoned, unknown to the general public and its demolition imminent due to the announced construction of a shopping center.

The project team intends to conduct a historical research on the Topovske Šupe camp and create a permanent record of the site in order to preserve its memory. This will include collecting archival and other documentation in Serbia and in Germany, as well as testimonies, producing an inmate database, and publishing the research results on the website. To raise awareness in general public and international community, project team plans to launch an advocacy campaign for preserving the original buildings of the camp from destruction, as a first necessary step in transforming them into a place of commemoration, research and education.

The project is led by the Centre for Public History from Belgrade, Serbia, in partnership with the Culture and More, from Berlin, Germany.

The project is supported by the the IHRA, the Claims Conference and the Federation of Jewish Communities of Serbia