The Centre for Public History invites public to join on Saturday, June 15th 2019, the guided tour and a public lecture about the deportation of Roma to the Topovske supe camp.

The gathering is scheduled for 12.00 hours in the Čuburski park (corners of Čuburska street and Cara Nikolaja street). This public tour will be guided by historian Milovan Pisarri, director of the CPH. Participation is free .

Because of the limited number of participants, it is necessary to apply via e-mail:

The Topovske supe camp was one of the first camps for Jews and Roma in Europe. From August to November 1941, about 5,000 male Jews and 1,500 male Roma passed through it only to be killed in the killing sites around Belgrade. In historiography, there is no study about the camp. Today, the site is forgotten, abandoned, unknown to the general public, its demolition due to the announced construction of a shopping centre imminent.

The tour is part of the research project “Mapping the Holocuast – The Topovske supe camp” supported by the Federation of Jewish Communities in Serbia.