The Centre for Public History carries out historical research using primary sources for the analysis of historical narratives. In its research procedure, the CPH examines and locates archival documents, photographs and other archival material, carries out field research of locations and sites of historical importance and collects and documents the testimonies.

As its research topics, CPH has chosen the history of the 20th century, marginalised historical events and narratives, the analysis and factual interpretation of which are of particular importance in understanding current social trends.

The CPH founders and associates have carried out dozens of research projects on the Holocaust, World War II, the killing of Roma, facing the past, forced labour, the history and culture of the Jewish community in Serbia, the culture of remembrance and related topics.


The Suffering of Roma in Serbia During the Holocaust

The research carried out by historian and CPH founder Milovan Pisarri on the genocide against the Roma during World War II. This represents one of the first research works on the topic of Porajmos in Serbia.

More about the research : (ebook PDF, Serbian, 2 MB)



The Killing Sites-the First Stage of the Holocaust in Serbia and Croatia

Research of the locations where mass shootings of the Jews in Serbia and Croatia in the early stage of the Holocaust took place. The history researcher on this project, Milovan Pisarri, carried out field and archive research of these locations in Serbia, and discovered two previously unknown locations – Bubanj Potok and Rakovica.

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The project was implemented by the Union of Jewish Municipalities of Serbia, the University of Rijeka Department for Cultural Studies and CHRE.



Forced Labour in Serbia During the World War II

Research, collection and publication of documents from the local archives and those in Germany on forced labour in Serbia between 1941 and 1944. In co-operation with historian Sanela Schmid, PhD, Milovan Pisarri edited a collection of papers on the subject of forced labour that will be published in 2018 in Serbian, German and English. The research was carried out in cooperation with CHRE.

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Letters from the Banjica Camp