Round table:

History of mental health care: from dehumanization and alienation to democratic psychiatry

In honor of Dr. Franco Basaglia, pioneer of mental health care reform and 40 years of the Law 180

Italian Cultural Institute I Kneza Milosa 56 I Belgrade I November 8th 2018 I 17.45h

The Centre for Public History, Italian Cultural Institute and Association Prostor have the honor of inviting you to the event History of mental health care: from dehumanization and alienation to democratic psychiatry, marking the 40 years of the passing the Law 180, also known as the Basaglia Law, which revolutionized mental health care in Italy and worldwide. The law marked a key step toward ending the detention and repression of people with mentally health problems.
Through public debate we aim to raise awareness about discrimination and stigmatization still felt by mental health patients today, highlight the lack of community support centers and improve attitudes toward mental illness and people with mental health problems.
The round table panelists will present the life, work and legacy of Dr. Franco Basaglia and discuss the work of the mental health care centers in Italy and Serbia 40 years after the implementation of the Law 180, the opportunities to change mental health care practices and good examples of deinstitutionalization of asylums and the psychiatric hospital system.
The round table is part of the larger research project Centre for Public History is planning for the 2019 that will result in an exhibition, website and a publication about the history of mental health care in Italy and Serbia (Yugoslavia) through the presentation of the life and work of Dr. Franco Basaglia, a leading figure in psychiatry that began a revolution in mental health care practices.

Program (The Italian Cultural Institute, Kneza Milosa 56)

17.45 – 18.15 Documentary movie screening
X day, I grandi della scienza del Novecento: Franco Basaglia (English subtitle)
18.15 – 18.30 Formal welcome
Director of the Italian Cultural Institute (Davide Scalmani)
Director of the Centre for Public History (Milovan Pisarri)
18.30 – 19.30 Round table presentations, moderator Mina Aleksic (Prostor)
Dr. Maria Grazia Giannichedda (President of the Franca and Franco Basaglia Foundation)
Dr. Franco Rotelli (Psychiatrist)
Dr. Aleksandra Gavrilovic (Director of SBPB Kovin)
Vlada Jankovic (Member of the association Dusa)
19.30 – 20.00 Discussion and Questions
20.00 Cocktail
* Translation into Serbian language is provided and program is free and open for public

Guest speakers

Maria Grazia Giannichedda, sociologist and the president of the foundation “Franca and Franco Basaglia”. Member of the national committee “Stop OPG”. Maria teaches sociology of political phenomena at the University of Sassari and has followed the psychiatric reform process since its formulation. As an expert at the World Health Organization and the European Commission she has dealt with human rights, participatory processes and the fight against exclusion. Maria was one of the main and closest collaborators of the unforgettable Franco and Franca Basaglia, whose struggle for democratic psychiatry and for dignity of all humans still continues.
Franco Rotelli is an Italian psychiatrist. Franco was a key protagonists in Psychiatric Reform in Italy and one of Franco Basaglia’s main collaborators, first at the Psychiatric Hospital of Parma and then until 1979 at the Psychiatric Hospital of Trieste. From 1979 to 1995, Franco was the director of the Psychiatric Hospital in Trieste and, after its closure, director of Mental Health Services for the province. In the 2000s, for over 10 years, Franco was General Manager of the Trieste Healthcare Company. In 2013 he was elected a Regional Councilor and President of the Commission for Health and Social Policies of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region.
Aleksandra Gavrilovic is a psychiatrist and director of the Special Hospital for Psychiatric Disorders Kovin, Serbia.  She is a member of the working group established by the Ministry of Health RS for drafting a Strategy for the protection of mental health. Aleksandra is the co-author of a paper accepted for presentation at the International Congress of DGPPN in Berlin and author of a paper presented at the Congress of Hospital Psychiatry with international participation in Belgrade.
Mina Aleksic, founder of Association Prostor, has leading advocate and practitioner of the development of community-based services for persons with mental health problems and de-stigmatization in Serbia since 2010. Association Prostor provides services for persons with mental health problems through a range of programmes in the community, aiming at empowerment, supporting re-socialization and providing psychological support. Association Prostor is an official representative of the International Hearing Voices Network and one of the founders of the regional West Balkan Hearing Voices Network.
Vlada Jankovic is a member of the Association of Users of Psychiatric Services and Their Families – Duša, which was founded in Belgrade in 2009. Over the last 6 years, the association has implemented many successful projects in partnership with various organizations from Serbia, the wider region and beyond. Duša’s past activities include theater workshops, self-help groups, art workshops, psychological support workshops, group psychotherapy, art therapy, a living library, language classes and computer lessons, among others. Duša is a member of the association of users of psychiatric services NAUM. The municipality of Savski Venac is currently providing members of Duša with space for occasional use.
*Neither Duša nor Prostor have regular full time premises; there is no institutional support or stable financing of community mental health initiatives. Some activities are supported through one-off projects and staff are voluntary. No sustainability in provision of community-based, community-delivered services can be reached in these circumstances.