New Website - The Holocaust in Serbia

During 2020, as part of the project "Mapping the Holocaust - Places of Remembrance in Serbia", the Center for Public History mapped the 9 largest camps for Jews and Roma during the Second World War. The mapped locations are presented on the website on an interactive map and through a historical text that contains the most important information about the people interned, about the command structure and the camp itself, archival photographs and documents, as well as additional resources for reading. The photographs also show the current state of the camps, some of which have been marked through memorial plaques and monuments or turned into memorial centers, while others are unmarked, in a very bad and worrying condition and forgotten.

The project was supported by the US Embassy in Belgrade.

Mapped locations: Topovske Šupe, Staro Sajmište, Banjica camp, Novi Bečej, Šabac, Borski rudnik, Crveni Krst - Niš, Zrenjanin and Subotica.

As part of the activities, a school exhibition on the Holocaust in Serbia was realized and an accompanying publication on mapped camps. Both the exhibition and the publication can be seen online on the website of the project.

Project team:

Project coordinator - Ružica Dević

Historical researchers - Milovan Pisarri and Emilija Cvetković

Author of the publication - Emilija Cvetković

Author of the exhibition - Milovan Pisarri

Exhibition design - škart

Design and layout of the publication - Vladimir Opsenica